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Southwest Challenge

Rules of Play



Except as noted below, all APA rules regarding regular session play apply.  Local Bylaws do not apply at the Southwest Challenge!


1)                The tournament is a modified single-elimination tournament.  Each team is guaranteed two rounds of play.  However, each team is not guaranteed two losses.

2)                Each team match will be a race to two individual matches.  Once one team has the required two wins, the match is over and the scoresheets should be signed and turned in.  Do not play the third match if one team is ahead 2-0!

3)                Each team must rotate through their roster in the order specified on their scoresheet.  In the first round, the player at the top of the roster must shoot first.  In all subsequent rounds, the player who is to play first will be highlighted on the scoresheet.

4)                Play must be continuous once begun.  If the player designated to play the next match is not available when it is time to start that match, then your team will forfeit that individual match.  The person on the other team who was scheduled to play that match will be credited with the win and both teams will go on to the next player on their respective rosters.

5)                Each team match will have a scheduled start time.  Once your team has completed a round in the tournament, you are not required to be in the tournament room until the scheduled time of your next match.

6)                Your team may forfeit a team match if you are not at your assigned table within ten minutes of your match being called.  All team forfeits will be at the discretion of the tournament director.

7)                Each player will be allowed one time out per game, regardless of skill level.

8)                Slow play will not be tolerated.  If you are not in the third individual match by the 90-minute mark of your round, you may be asked to begin the next match on another table.  Players will be allowed to pause their own match to coach a teammate during a time out on another table if necessary.

9)                Any team match not called within thirty minutes of its scheduled start time may be assigned to two tables when it is called.  The first and second individual matches would be played at the same time, with the third match beginning on the first available of the two assigned tables.

10)            Matches will be scored and all scores will be entered into a computer.  Skill levels will be re-calculated for each round.  If the skill level of a player goes up and it causes that player’s team to exceed the total cap of 14, the team will be allowed to continue in the tournament.  However, the player who went up will have to play at the higher skill level.

11)            If the skill level of any player on a team goes up by two or more, the team may be disqualified from the tournament.

12)            If a team goes up by two full skill levels, the team may be disqualified from the tournament.

13)            The tournament staff has sole discretion with regards to disqualification.