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Scratch This
2nd Place Team (HOME) TIER-1
Fuzzy Balls  
5th Place Team    
Semi-Finals Wednesday  
E-8's Jan. 5th  7:30 PM    
3rd Place Team (HOME)   Finals Sunday TIER-1 DIVISION
   Jan. 9th  1:00 PM CHAMPION!
    Advances to Tier-1
Wolf Pack Deva's With Balls Tri-Annual at R-Place
4th Place Team 1st Place Team (HOME)
Automatically Qualifies:
Tier-1 Tri-Annual at R-Place
$50.00 $100.00 $150 $200
Jack's Queens and Jokers TIER-2
7th Place Team (HOME)
Mark Yer Pocket  
WildCard Semi-Finals Wednesday
Jan. 5th  7:30 PM
8th Place Team (HOME)   Finals Sunday  
  Jan. 9th  1:00 PM
  Advances to Tier-2
9th Place Team Michael's Tri-Annual at R-Place
6th Place Team (HOME)