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Documentation: iScroll Marquee Applet's iscroll.class applet
Version 3.0.1 Final Release
Copyright 1999, 2000 by

Free for all users.

Sample of <APPLET> Code:
<applet code="iscroll.class" width="300" height="24">
..<param name="Notice" value="Applet by">
..<param name="Text" value="This is the text of the message the applet displays.">
..<param name="TextColor" value="#FFFF00">
..<param name="TextLinkColor" value="#00FFFF">
..<param name="VerticalBias" value="2">
..<param name="FontName" value="Courier">
..<param name="FontStyle" value="0">
..<param name="Link" value="">
..<param name="Target" value="_new">
..<param name="Speed" value="20">
..<param name="Pause" value="1000">
..<param name="BackgroundColor" value="#222222"> 
..<param name="MouseMode" value="1">
..<param name="StatusBarText" value="Applet status bar text goes here...">
Notice Parameter - Required
<param name="Notice" value="Applet by">

The Notice parameter must be present, exactly, or the applet will display an error message.  A missing notice will not stop the applet from functioning, however.

Text Parameter - Required
<param name="Text" value="This is the text that will be shown">

The iScroll applet shows only one message.  The text of the message can be quite long, if needed.

TextColor Parameter - Optional
<param name="TextColor" value="#FF0000">

This is the color of the text of the message the applet will display.  The default is red, #FF0000.

TextLinkColor Parameter - Optional
<param name="TextLinkColor" value="#00FF00">

This is the mouseover link color of the message the applet will display.   The default is green, #00FF00.

FontName Parameter - Optional
<param name="FontName" value="Courier">

Java applets accept a limited number of fonts.  Use of fonts other than these may crash the applet.  Among the accepted fonts are: Dialog, Courier, TimesRoman, Helvetica, Symbol.  The default is usually Dialog.

FontStyle Parameter - Optional
<param name="FontStyle" value="0">

Font style is set numerically in this applet.  Do not use style names.  There are four styles.  The default is 0, plain.  These are the acceptable parameter values:

.........................0 = plain
.........................1 = bold
.........................2 = italic
.........................3 = bold italic

FontSize Parameter - None!  Please Read!
We knew you'd intuitively look for this parameter (we would, too.)  There is no such parameter for this applet. This applet autosizes the text into the applet space.  To change the overall size of the font, change the height= in the <applet> tag.  This applet works well with large sizes.
VerticalBias Parameter - Optional
<param name="VerticalBias" value="0">

This is strictly optional, but useful for fine adjustment of the vertical position of the text in the applet space. It is most frequently used with large fonts, which tend to appear a bit high in the frame.  The default value is 0; negative numbers are allowed.  Proportioning of the font is not affected.

Speed Parameter - Optional
<param name="Speed" value="25">

This sets the scrolling speed of the text.  Higher values produce slower scrolling.  The default is 25.  In general this need not be set; but you may wish to adjust it for smoothest scrolling.  Negative numbers violate fundamental cosmic rules.

Pause Parameter - Optional
<param name="Pause" value="1000">

This sets the period of time the text will wait before it begins scrolling.  The value is in milliseconds, and the default is 1000 (that is, 1 second).

MouseMode - Optional / *Required* to Activate Links!
<param name="MouseMode" value="1">

You must set this value to 1 for the link parameter to work.  As the applet is frequently used only for a simple marquee, the default value is 0 -- which deactivates linking.

StatusBarText - Optional
<param name="StatusBarText" value="This text will appear in the status bar...">

This sets the text that will appear in the status bar of the browser.

BackgroundColor Parameter - Optional
<param name="BackgroundColor" value="#000000">

This sets the background color of the applet.  #000000 is the default.

Link Parameter - Optional
<param name="Link" value="">

The Link parameter sets the link for a mouse click on the Text= message (above).  The Link parameter uses absolute paths, only, in full, explicit http:// format.  Be sure MouseMode is set to 1, or the link will not work.

Target Parameter - Optional
<param name="Target" value="_new">

The Target parameter sets the target for a mouse click on  the Text= message.  The Target parameter uses the same values as html for windows, for example:

....._new - opens a new window *
....._blank - also a new window *
....._self - loads in the same frame
....._top - opens in the same window

The Target parameter can also set the target to a frame in a frameset.  Use the name of the frame (exactly).

If the Target is not set, the default is _top.

[NB: * Netscape and Microsoft browsers interpret _blank and _new a little differently; test both.]

The iscroll.class applet is (c) 1999, 2000 by  Redistribution or resale of this applet is strictly forbidden.  All responsibility for use of the applet remains with the user.